The Gift

February, 2009


In the darkness of a moment

We found each other.

An understanding,

Foreign to all

But the souls of two

Who stepped off the

Precipice into an

Connection that is

Friendship, yet beyond



Skin and flesh speaks.

Distanced from intellect

And reason, a jangling

Chemistry that confuses

The sense of morality,

Our sense of fidelity,

But bears it’s own

Integrity of the spirit.


Gears in an incomprehensible

System, we fuse together

Meeting profoundly

With each turn

Our precise connection

Facilitating the continuance

Of respective lives.


Weakness and strength

Symbiotically combine,

Acknowledged, accepted

And appreciated.

Nuanced silences,

Intensely stated truths, and

Deep intimacy


Time and love stand as barriers

Each are owed to others

And cannot be offered freely.

Still, what we share

Belongs only to us.

Secret, sweet darkness that

Cannot identify us in the light.

A sweetness captured

By passionate touch and

The earthy smells of loving

If not love.


“Never before” becomes the

Anthem of each discovery

As we map the hidden

Spaces in the recesses

Of the soul. 

A being who touches

Those spaces is a gift

Even if questions arise to

Challenge the wisdom

Of continuing.


But wisdom is elusive.

It does not sit,

A heavy guardian,

But surrounds,

A mist…where echoes

And warnings drift

Quietly heard but unheeded

As we accept

The gift of each other.