(For My Mother)



Rededicated to the Past

Embracing the future

With quite pride.

Heartbeat drums

Beating out the

Rhythm of a People

Seeped in Self-discovery.


Grandmother sings the song

To Pass through Generations

Black Wings masking

The Trickster

Who understands the

Force of Will 

Needed to bring back

His Legacy


Flashing buttons spell out

The History

Of a lineage lost

To a people

Turned from the balance

Of Natural Patterns…

The Circle;

Endless, Timeless, Resolute.


Moccasined feet now

Stamp in the

Circular Patterns

Of Shining Pride

And belief in the future.


The Spirits of

Our Mothers

Our Grandmothers

Hold us with their

Silent Approval.

Quiet whispers speaking

“My children,

Move Forward, Be Proud.

Spread your wings.

Feel your power.

Dance with Passion

Sing Loud so all may hear.”


We feel these whispers

In our souls and we Know.


We are finding

Our Power

Our People

We know that the gift

Of Eternity is Ours—

The ancient ways are

Reborn as we gather

Dedicated to our Pride

And our Past.