February 2, 2010


It’s all information, really.

No blades to the heart

No useless tears

No deep welling grief

That burns the soul.


It’s only information.

Learning that you can’t

Or won’t love me,

That I’ve been wasting my

Time and heart loving you

Wasted time is good information.


You’ve given me information

To show that you’re all about fear.

You’re afraid that if I don’t

Love you that I’ll not be your

Friend, and I’ll stop taking

Care of you.

Fear is good information.


I asked for information.

How do you see me?

You described someone

You might admire from a distance

And I realized how distant your

Heart was from me.

Distance is good information.


Truth and lies are information.

If you believe either

You are getting what you want, really.

We all want to believe that love

Can be ours even if the truth

Stares us in the face, intensely

Willing us to see through the lies.

Lies are good information.


Sifting through the information

Gained throughout our time,

I’ve learned and grown, because

That is what information is;

The foundation of understanding.

And now, I understand. 

Pain is good information.