I Am A Rebel



I rebel against

Those who would

Convince me that

I am “less than”,

“Not enough” or

“too much”.


I rebel against

Those who attempted

To participate in my



I rebel against

The good ol’ boys’

Clubs that say a

Woman cannot be

A leader that creates

Transformative change.


I rebel against

The dysfunction

Around me that


Failure based on

A notion that

Success is too white.


I rebel against

Language that is

Soft, powerless

And asks permission

Before singing out

With ingenuity

And pride.


I rebel against

A medical authority

That prefers I be

Sick in order to

Pick my pockets

And leave me

In a state of

Emotional and

Financial hardship.


I rebel against

A system that teaches



Compromise of

Intelligent conviction

And insists that dutiful

Compliance is for the

Common good.


I rebel against

Faith that is closed

To possibilities,

Not seeing the

Power of a just and

Merciful Creator,

Who IS of Earth and sky

And lives in the soul

Of all Humanity.


I am a rebel.

My path is courage.


I seek fearlessness,

As my highest goal.

Fearlessness where

My words and actions

Are strong and spirited,

And kind.

Fearlessness where

That which

I rebel against

Cannot hurt me,

It, instead,

brings wisdom.