Website Design -- Hiliner Carpet Car

Commercial web design. Helping your business to gain the exposure you need. I can build a website to suit your needs in under two weeks.

Still Life at Chiholi

Seeing objects in a new way, photographing them, and then sharing so others participated in the vision is a passion of mine. Allowing my creativity to be expressed through digital photography is a service I provide joyfully.

Senior Portrait - Kaleb

A portrait session is a close, potentially emotional time between the photographer and the subject. To establish the right feeling, mood is essential. The photographer must inspire the subject to relax and really allow their personality to shine through.

Technical Writing - Grants & Reports

Copy for websites, press releases, technical writing, articles...I am a writer and have been since I could hold a crayon. Ideas flow through me and I'm very fortunate to be blessed with the gift of words.

Art Photography

The use of technology to adapt digital images into compelling works of art is an incredible tool for artistic expression. Basic changes can make simple photos into statements about our world.

Web Design -  CEDAR VTC

Non-profits often operate under very slim budgets. I can create a workable site for your organization for a fair and reasonable price.

Website Design -  CEDAR, LLC

Branding your organization is essential to building your online presence. I can help with creating a logo, building a personal brand and help you to develop a website that communicates your message.

Scenic Shots - Photography